Cutting Titanium -w- XCarve

Successfully cutting Grade 5 Titanium.

IMG_0631.MOV (1.6 MB)


What kind of feed/speed/bit did you use? What Dewalt speed? How long did it take? I thought titanium was beyond what the X-Carve could do, but looks like I’m (happily) wrong. :smile:

2in/Min Depth is .002 per pass. The Dewalt is set on speed 1. It’s still going strong as I type this. I’m using a small 1mm flat endmill.


Someone over at Carbide forums milled a multitool from titanium using the Nomad 883. The Nomad looks a fair bit stiffer than the XCarve, but the multitool turned out well enough for me to want to try milling titanium of my own.


OK, It’s all done. I guess it took just under two hours to complete. I’ll finish it with maybe a flame anodize.


That looks great. Well done.

Now, It looks better.

Side 1

Side 2


My IPhone just doesn’t do it justice, the colors are so bright.
Hope this encourages everyone to push the XCarve.

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Where did you order the titanium?

I live down the road from McMaster Cann, so I save some bucks doing a will Call Pickup. Best prices around for Grade 5.

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Glad to see people are learning that this machine can cut more than expected I have been cutting .25in plate steel and it does just fine. anything can be cut on this machine it all comes down to feeds and speeds and bit choice.

Good shop knife. Makes short work of packing boxes.

Have you ever tried O-1?

Tool steel ?
not yet
so far aluminum, brass, copper, silver, wood, granite, plastic, glass, steel, bone, stainless, marble, and steel
here is a exhaust flange i was cutting from .25in steel.

and now moving on to plasma cutting. Going good so far much faster.

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Nice. I have a Tenacious as well, been meaning to make some custom scales for it. I have a CKRT MAK-1 around here somewhere.

Been working on a folder, trying some different materials.

I might tackle it in the next few days. It’s more intimidating than Titanium. (Oil Hardened O1 from Marshall Steel) Thought you could offer some speed/feed suggestions.

Have not tried yet but it has been a thought i have a few chunks of hardox 500. Tha’ts the hardest stuff i got here. i think i might be able to get 0-1 from the maint shop at work.

when cutting steel i have found that a 5 pound lead weight added to the spindle mount added the needed down force for cutting thick steel but has to be removed when z axis raises. When no weight was used the bottom of the cut was not even.