Cutting travel lines instead of graphic

My CNC is reading the NC file but it seems to be cutting the travel lines and instead of the graphics it is supposed to cut. On the Intro to Easel file, it carves the red travel lines shown in the simulation instead of the actual graphic. How can I fix this?

Is it possible that your Z axis movement is inverted such that the lift moves are actually plunges and vice versa.
You could test this by jogging the cnc.

What model cnc is this?

Exactly my thoughts as I read this post… Then I walked it back in my head and forgot to come back…

Hi Seth & Robert;
Thanks for your replies. I have not been able to check my z axis and won’t until next week. After I do, I will let you know the results.
Thanks again!


Yes, my z axis was inverted. Thank you for your help - I am slowly learning.

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