Cutting two color hdpe name plates

I am using a 3018 Rains mart cnc. Any help available? I am new to this.

Hi Dan
I’d love to help, can you explain what the problem is that you’re experiencing?

Not cutting smoothly. The cut is ragged.

Looking for the correct speed and feed as well as the correct tool to use.

I live in a senior retirement community and I am trying to help out by making the name plates for residents. I am not making any money for doing this and any cost (such as mills and material are coming out of my pocket, so the more efficient I am, the less money comes out of my pocket. Any help would be appreciated.

for the 3018, the baseline “safe” settings that are commonly used are
Feed Rate: 700mm/min
Plunge Rate: 100mm/min
Depth Per Pass: 0.5mm

I suggest checking out the 3018 series of videos by James Dean Designs, here’s the whole playlist (i skipped the first 2 build videos for ya):

(you can click the word “youtube” at the bottom of that video to open a new window and see his other videos in that series. . . )

Cutting HDPE, using a single Flute upcut but will do a better job cutting than the Burr (or Corn Cob) type of bits that are included with the machine. . . (James also has a video from a few months abo where he discusses bits)

Thank you Seth,
I. Will try that out. I did order the bits yesterday.
I really appreciate your feedback.

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