Cutting uneven

what causes uneven cutting with the router?

Do you have a picture? I may have a similar problem.

I don’t have a pic with me now, I can post one later. when carving a union for a flag the stars on the top rows are not as deep as the ones on the bottom rows.

Have you guys leveled your waste board?

No, I and I will as soon as I get home. thank you

Mine was cutting a bit uneven, then I came across a thread discussing how to properly align or adjust the vwheels on the gantry. I loosened ALL of the wheels on the gantry (X-axis). Then made sure my TOP vwheels were all setting/resting on the top rail properly and tightened them down. Then I readjusted the concentric nuts on the bottom 4 vwheels and then tighten those.

It’s MUCH better now.

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