Cutting with Easel

I haven’t used Easel since I got the CNC and just started messing around with it and I like some of the features and how quick you can throw a project together. Question is how would I cut the stocking out with a profile cut but not cut through the line at the top outlining the top of the stocking. I’m looking to cut these out of a 4" x 4" board and they will be Xmas ornaments for my grand kids. Adding text is no problem just confused how to cut and still leave the line across the top.

There are a couple different strategies:

  1. Take it into Illustrator or Inkscape and make the vector a different segment for the part that you want engraved instead of carved out. When you import it set the depth for that part of the stocking to be not all the way through but the outline to be all the way through.

  2. Put a rectangle over the area you don’t want carved so it is “higher” a depth of 0. Then copy and pasted the top outline on top of it and set it as an engraving depth.

A “layered” approach might be helpful also. the cut that goes across the “middle” of the stocking can be a different layer.

I’ll look into Phil’s suggestions but already did a cut with Zach’s suggestion of putting a rectangle over the line and make it a zero depth. Still have some messing around to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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