Cutting with timber veneer

Hi all,
I plan on purchasing an X-Carve in the near future but before I do, I want to confirm the appropriateness for the task at hand.
I’ve inherited a large stockpile of timber veneer from my grandfather and I want to use it to create artwork similar to this:

Its quite old (circa 70s-80s) but in good condition, albeit a little dry.
Has anyone worked with veneer in this way using an X-Carve? Any tips, pointers, advice?
One of the main questions I have is; can I pin the veneer directly to the wasteboard or will I need to use waste material for each cut to thicken it?
This is about 1/3 of the total stock I have. As you can see there is a wide variety and most are quite flate albeit a little wrinkled:
Andy help or advice would be appreciated.

I would use the superglue and tape method. You will want to use a backer, I use 1/8" hardboard from Home Depot I think under $10.00 for 4x8 sheet. I would also check out this site for veneer softener This guy has a ton of info about working with veneer.

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