Cyclonic dust collection bucket

So, over the weekend I started to address my dust and chip issues. I got a vacuum tube 1 1/4 pvc mounted directly to the side of spindle mount with a couple washers and two m4 button head screws. For that part I will work on an dust shoe or air diverter later… this post is about the cyclonic dust collector I made, which works amazingly well.

What you’ll need.
A bucket with tight lid. I used a standard white 5 gallon, so I can see the fill level.

Two 90° pieces of pvc.

A shop vac. I am using “The stinger” super cheap at home depot. ~25$

2 “adapters” the ones i got go from 1 1/4 to 2" you made need different sizes depending on your hoses I also got these at HD and they work perfect for most standard size hoses, they have a nice square plate for glue and screw into bucket.

One extra length of hose.

Some glue. Or silicone, I used gorilla glue.

What to do:

Cut 2 holes appropriate for the diameter of the parts you chose in the top of the bucket, doesnt have to be perfectly aligned, just sort of acrossed from each other.

Insert your adapter with the square plate through each hole. Attached the 90°S. with open ends facing opposite each other, this creates the cyclonic effect in the sealed bucket, glue that all over on both sides, so its air tight. I also used some short self tappers to secure it a little more.

Im not sure it was necessary but I also put a dryer sheet with a zip tie on port to vaccum, just to keep everything clean.

Now, connect one hose to vaccum, one hose to dust collection mount, or even just your loose shop vac, and all dust remains in the bucket, and your vaccum and filter stay nice and clean.

Total materials including cheapo vaccum were about 50$ the bucket system is sold for 70$ online… but us x carvers dont go out and buy crap we can make!!

Ill post some pics when I get back home, hope this makes sense and helps somebody out.



Result is something like this… mine looks better imo, i downloaded this from Google… I was just so impressed with how well it worked. It had to be shared.

I made one of these things a couple weeks ago. Mine works very well.
Need to add a bottom bucket, though… Real hard to get the lid off to empty the thing :smile:

edit: typo, pictures


I have a cyclone separator too, and I love it. Its paid for itself in the time and money spent on shop vac filters. It’s been 8 months and haven’t needed to change the collection bag inside the shop vac.

I didn’t make my cyclone, I bought the Oneida Dust Deputy. I did however design and build a way to have it piggy back on my shop vac. The coolest feature is the way you empty it, just lift the top and exchange the bucket.

Now I am looking into a dust collection system with a cyclone. Just need something better then a shop vac to run the hours needed with the X-Carve.

6 Likes This looks well made in person, and affordable. I think that I’ll make a system with this next.

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I love my Dust Deputy! Unfortunately, it’s not in my indoor workspace with the X-carve, but out in the outdoor shop area with my heavier woodworking tools. I am going to be adding one to my indoor workspace as part of the air-handling scheme that goes along with the laser I’ll be putting in shortly.

The new system will run a Y off of one of these:, using blast gates to select the laser side of the Y, or the X-carve branch. The laser will have just a plain aluminum flex duct connecting it to the extractor, and from there to the exhaust. The X-carve branch will have an intake hose suspended with a bungee from the ceiling over the X-carve, then a Dust Deputy on a five-gallon bucket, then a short hose to the dust collector.

Nick this is a brilliant set up! Do you happen to have the plans or DXF files for this? I have exactly the same equipment!

Unfortunately I don’t have any plans drawn up from this build. I designed and built it as I went. I have been meaning to make a you tube vid, showing some more detail. The video is on hold until I can catch up with other stuff. If you have any specific questions about it I will help as much as I can.

Looks self-explanatory. I can envision building the bucket holder first with the new lid. Then building the hinge apparatus. Then figureing out the angled bits from there. Might likely will not be as… shall we say… 'picture worthy."

Still, brilliant! I can hear Ron Popiel saying, “Just lift, and dump.”

That exactly how I did it, worked from the bottom up. The bottom is attached with 2 eye bolts and 2 screws. The rear axle goes threw the eye bolts, the bolts are then connected to the plywood base. The other two screws are just longer version of what was already there to connect the rear wheel assembly.

Nice thing about this set up is that I didn’t make any new holes in the shop vac to make it work. I just used existing things to connect to.

Actual setup. I realize its not on the level of some shown here, but it works great at a low cost.

I used mounted to the wall with the bag hanging down, and then used with a large dustbin. Not portable, but uses a lot less space.

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I have this and it’s worked great over the past years. I would ditch the 5 micron bag and get a 1 micron one on <— i think thats the one that fits my harbor freight dust collector

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Hi, I have the same shop vac and i was wandering what kind is the orange hose u have hooked up to your DP? And where can I purchase it from? Looks like a 2.5" correct?

Here’s a very good site with plans for building a similar separator with the addition of a slotted baffle which will maximize the efficiency:

The Thien Cyclone Separator

The plans can be found in the discussion forum.

Yeah it’s a 2.5" hose, got it from Amazon.

Thanks I hope is as nice and flexible as it looks because I’m about to order it … The original that came with the vac is way to stiff.

To be honest it’s not super flexible, it’s a heavy duty crush resistant hose. I have a more flexible light weight hose that I have connected to my Harbor Freight dust collector and the dust shoe of the X-Carve. I like the orange hose on my shop vac, just too heavy and stiff for the dust shoe.

Hey Nick - I really want to duplicate your system. Are you willing to help with the questions I listed on the image? I would appreciate it.

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