Damaged leadscrew

Leadscrew damage…
SO after my vwheel adventure…I went on with the leadscrew. opened the package…and its damaged on 3 places…its like its been hit by something and has burs on the lower end…is this something I can sand out?

Here’s a link to our support center or you can give us a call at 312-775-7009.

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Thank you for the info, that good News!
I gues its no problem then, However I did put the delrin nut on from that end…that is why I noticed the burs… the nut was turning a bit hard at that point. I tried to turn it Just now on the “good” part of the leadscrew and it seems to be fine (I hope)

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Hello Zach

The delrin nut on the leadscrew doesnt move as smooth as it should I only tried a small way(on the way up, down it runs a bit better) due to the contact with the burs on the leadscrew.
I need quite a bit of force to turn the leadscrew/delrin
Can you help me out here?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @RichardSchuurman I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with it. You can try putting it in a power drill and running it up and down to remove the burrs.

If that isn’t a good solution please contact our Customer Success team online or you can give us a call at 312-775-7009 during business hours and we will get this fixed for you.

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I tried the powerdrill but I keeps running very heavy (and with a whobble) I have contacted the service team. They will send out replacement
I am impressed with the speed and quality of the service!
Never seen anything like this, thumbs up!

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Received the replacement parts today!!!
Very happy and will install them asap.
Just wondering:
I had to pay 30 euro’s (omzetbelasting) to the delivery Guy
I dont know how to translate from dutch to english
But I think its “Sales tax”?
Is that some kind of shipping fee?

No that is the 21% BTW Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde as we call it in Holland, TVA Taxes Valeur Ajoute in France or VAT Value Added Tax in the UK. And as bonus the mail charges 13,50 for doing the administration. If the value on the parcel is including the shipping cost you will have to pay over that amaount.

If the sender mentions GIFT on the parcel with a value less than 18 EURO you do not pay Taxes.

Thank you Eric for the feedback.
I Am very glad I did order the xcarve at robosavvy…I dont even want to know What that shipping from America price whould be.
Do you have Any tips for native shops (online)
For parts? I did order a few bits at www.freesjes.nl

Local electronics Riton in Heemstede The Netherlands, almost retired old school shop no internet. Robotics Iprototype.nl for Arduino, Stepper drivers, Motors and Wiring. Young starter shop in Leiden. Really quality genuine parts and website. I lost too much time on clones and aboned that. Cuting tools Sorotec.de. As for the X-Carve upgrades I build most of them myself. In the last upgrade package I had already made 8 out of the 13 upgrades before it was launched. I started with a ShapeOko2 from Inventables and use it for hobby purposes to build model airplanes. This light load on the machine makes it last and I had no need for spareparts.