Damaged X-Carve Pro Limit Switch

I got my X-Carve Pro all set up (still waiting for the missing Z probe), but when I tried homing it to complete assembly it just kept humming and never completed the procedure. Upon inspection I found that the Y1 limit switch was damaged in shipping. (I wondered what that loose little blue dust boot with the black peg went to when I was unpacking Y1.)

I removed the switch and found that it is manufactured by Omron but searching for the part number (see below) on their site yielded nothing. Does anyone know how to track them down? I think Inventables should replace it under warranty as it arrived damaged, but they haven’t responded to my inquiries and I am anxious to get going.

The Inventables part number is 840-00067 and my best guess for the text on the switch itself is “Omron, 2369RN, C003”.

I broke a couple switches on my x carve and replaced them with others off of ebay. Mine were lever switches. The mounting hole distance is what was important for me, the terminals were a bit different on the ones I got ( shorter and thinner IIRC). I had to crimp the plugs to get them to fit on tight. These parts were very fragile. I noticed that the cnc4newbies z axis I bought had a little more robust one.

This is what I bought a couple years back. (10 PIECE LOT) OMRON SS-01GL2-FD OMRON, SWITCH SNAP ACT SPDT 100MA 125V RoHS | eBay

This is in the Inventables website

Microswitch | Inventables

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Looks like this one:
I use them on my CNC.

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Thank you both, the limit switches do seem like one of the more fragile components of the assembly. Fortunately, the support staff at Inventables got back to me yesterday and they are sending a replacement along with a few other missing parts.

I am thinking for $5-6 per switch I might just grab a couple to have on hand for eventual failures. Digi-Key has two that look very similar though, D2QW-C003H and D2QWC003D. The only differences on the spec sheet is the mounting and connector type, but I think you linked the correct one, Neil, as it has the solder lugs vs the PC pins. Thanks!