Dangerous independent operatives xcarve HELP!

Hi ,
My name is Marcin and I have been using Xcarve for over a year now, I use the Easel PRO software.

Already several times during the project the machine starts its own dangerous operation. usually happens at the end of the project, it looks like Xcarve decided to destroy your work. Drill holes , and makes deep lines after the previous project .

at the same time, I never regret to the previously designated Z0. usually happens with long projects, about 2 hours. It does not matter if these are designs made from jpg, svg or your database of fonts and patterns.

I started to be afraid that the software was hacked, (I always work online).

please answer or is it a software problem? maybe a processor? I have to solve this problem as soon as possible because it is very dangerous .


This might help you with your issues. It was written with the original controller in mind, but most of it is applicable to the X-controller units as well.

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I had similar problems about a year into using the machine. Turned out that it was because I was getting better at using the design software, but was not yet great. What would happen is that I would create and edit shapes outside of the intended carve area, then select them and drag them in to the carve area, but would leave some design artifacts behind.

When I started carving, the design would carve normally, and then at the end, it would try to carve the unwanted artifacts.

Run a carve simulation on your design file and see if there is anything “unintended” that was accidentally left in the design file.