Danners Project Log

Actually, Could add a small slot close to the top of the tenons right below the seat. I could fasten a “C” style piece that could be rotated into the slot of the tenons to lock the seat in place. Would simply have to rotate it out on each of the 4 sides to removed the seat. :thinking:

Edit: Crude sketch while laying in a bean bag lol

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I am no brain surgen maybe a bone head but how about you figure out where the bottom of the seat comes to on the legs and where all 4 pieces go into the seat underneath just drill 1 pocket hole in each one from the bottom side and put 4 pocket hole screws in it and you are done. pretty much sight unseen and 2 minutes you put them together or take them apart. Very simple with little time involved and fastened fro the bottom. I hope this makes sence.

@WayneHall the tenon length is the thickness of the seat(23/32). And screws would make it simple yes but the idea is to keep it modular so that it’s easy (for kids and for teacher) to switch between different height bases, or from a curved to flat base or even to change up colors.

A few screws and just letting the teacher do the work would be simple but there is no rush and I don’t mind spending a few hours over a couple days thinking of different solutions.

What about something like this? This is a very rough sketch that hopefully portrays what is in my head to others. There are some details that would have to be worked out in the final design but maybe this gets you on path. The top being 2 layers glued together. The first layer could be 1/2" ply and the second 3/4" which would give you some depth to work with for the tab locks. The final shape of the tab locks may take some fiddling with to get a smooth assembly, and I am not sure if these locks would be long enough to offer enough flex to unlock them easy enough, but it might be worth a trial or 2 to test.

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@MitchMenard Thanks! I think this could work. To get around the flex needed for the lock to be undone I could put the lock portion on the other leg(with the slot on the top). It would lock in the other leg and allow a bit more flex to squeeze and undo the “lock”.

Definitely worth a few iterations to give it a try. I appreciate the sketch and idea!

No problem, hope it works for you. show us what you end with if it does!

Been a bit. The stools are coming along. Finished the first batch with the friction fit design so I could still make it in time for the rockler plywood challenge but the next set will be using something similar to what @MitchMenard suggested above.

I post progress on projects as I go on instagram IG: phillip.danner if anyone wants to follow along. I’ll keep mostly finished projects here now and just general updates.

Here are a few of the stools though!

Few more projects in the works but I’ll post those closer to completion.


Fantastic work on the Stargate mate. I was wondering where you got the 3d model from? I’d love to cut one of these.

Sorry for being so late! I dont remember exactly where I got it. I think it was from sketchfab? Let me know if you can’t find it and I can look back and see.