Darrin's Projects

I figured I should start sharing some of my projects for other’s inspiration.

This is a Maple Sign for a clients garden.
Sealed with shellac, and 4 coats of WoP.

This is a cribboard from @JasonMcginn shared project. It is for a retired CN Rail worker.
Shellac to fill the engravings, then sanded back to bare wood and finally 4 coats of WoP.
I used @PhilJohnson cribbage board pocket to inspire my own. First time using a non cnc type router bit. Used a dovetail bit for the undercut edge.



Excellent work! Keep showing all your work as you do it. :grinning:

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Latest one off the machine. A custom pen collection box for our Pen Societies outgoing president.
I had a very poor logo image to begin with, but ended up creating a whole new one in Inkscape. That was a struggle, I can tell you. It came out looking good in the end.

The first trial cut, was in a piece of endgrain maple (floor sample) that I had lying around. It was cut to have the lettering raised. Looked pretty good.

The finished box is in Black Walnut with a Shellac/Poly finish. I tried doing the raised letter effect, but the letters kept chipping out, even with a down cut bit. I couldn’t afford more than one do-over, so I switched it to an engraved letter format.
I used a 1/8 DC with a 30deg V-bit for detail on the inner ring.
The circle of words and the outer ring are done with 30deg V-bit. (perhaps a bit to deep)
“The Big Nib” is with a 60deg V-bit.

Comments and Critics welcome.


Black walnut just looks to damn good.

The thin areas of The Big Nib, how deep did the 60deg get?

Not very deep, maybe .5mm or less, but I think it is deep enough with the big letters. I didn’t use the 30deg, because it would have left flat bottoms in the wider portions of the letters, which I didn’t want.

I think it looks fantastic!! Outstanding gift

Well, it looks awesome.