Datasheet for 24v 16.7A (400w) X-Carve PSU

Anyone know where I can find the datasheet for the 24v, 16.7A (400w) power supply you can order as an add-on when you order your X-Carve. I checked here, and it’s not any of those. The only
400w psu there is the 48v one.

I’m in the garage wanting to drilling holes in the mounting plate for the electronics :stuck_out_tongue:

While I can’t be certain that this is the one Inventables ships, sells one with the exact same specs.

If someone could confirm that this is infact the same one they got, I’m good to go…


Indeed it is. :slight_smile: I have several power supplies of that type in different voltages, and aside from the vendor name plates, they’re all virtually identical. The 24V one I’ve had for several years is pretty much a twin to the one that came with my machine. I think it’s one of those cases where they all come from the same OEM AND just get branded as applicable.

There are several brands that share virtually identical packages. Sometimes the order of the terminals changes, but ours seems to be the most common.

Here is a link to our control drawing.

Thanks Timothy, and Bart… I got the mounting holes drilled now. When I get home I’ll upload a pic and show you :wink:

I was drilling the grey base plate for the electronics enclosure… Breakout Board on top, stepper drivers below that, and the power supply will mount below that.

I still have some wiring to finish up but it should be done this week.

Thanks again!

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