Dead spot in steppers? Or what can cause this?

So when I was cutting yesterday the steppers would pause momentarily then proceed but not before burning the wood and heating my bit to the point its no longer useable.

Sorry the the lack of info but Im not sure where to start in the troubleshooting.

There are several things that might be happening. I’ll give you my best guess.

Since your circles look like circles, I’m guess you are not losing steps.

With designs created with Easel and sent through the controller, circles are actually approximated by lots of short straight lines. I’m guessing that the sender is pausing between each line segment and the spindle is continuing to spin during the pause.

If you are controlling your X-carve from the Easel website, this might be an indication of a poor internet connection or Easel’s servers being very busy. You might try downloading your G-code from Easel and using a local G-code sender to see if this cures it up.

All of the gcode streaming happens locally, but it does sound like an issue with the gcode streaming. Try restarting your PC.

That photo looks like a ton of individual plunges, like it’s drilling holes.
Might need to review your project.
Can you share the project: in easel go to project>share and change it to unlisted and copy that link.

Btw we can’t change your file with the link, its only a copy

After all my troubles yesterday I turned off controller and Computer. Today after hearing it could have been wifi problem I started it up with a brand new bit. It cut flawlessly. The program is fine the “plunge spots” are the locations that the x carve stopped and the bit burned the wood.

Thanks for your help.

Just to reiterate. Wifi wouldn’t be the issue. Browser memory or just general PC slowdown issues can cause the communication to struggle. Curves require a lot of commands in a short time.

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it is an old PC and probably just needed to be restarted.


This type of behavior can occur while carving if you start messing around with an Easel design and your internet connection is not that great. I have had this happen on occasion out in my shop when I have had to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. It occurs when Easel needs to save the design changes…or, that’s when it has occurred for me.


Brandon Parker

here is a follow up to this problem, After restarting the PC and the x controller I have not run into this problem again.