Dealing with Sound on your xcarve

Hey guys! I am just curious what people do to quite their xcarves lol. I have mine in one of my extra bed rooms but man that 611 router is noisy. I just don’t want my neighbors crying over it. I thought I read somewhere that someone was putting this in an apartment. I couldnt even imagine. Right now the only thing I can think of is creating a lid to cover over my table to sounded deaden it some. Maybe even boxing in the shopvac,

Ideas are welcomed!

Thanks Ted

If you do a search for ‘sound proofing’ you’ll see a number of solutions users have come up with.

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I am thinking on getting one xcarve for my appartment. How loud is the 611 inside a room with the door closed? what about lower speeds

One thing to keep in mind, a shopvac is usually louder then the Dewalt router.

I have mine in an apartment. The shopvac is a Festool which has variable speed (reduced noise). The whole thing is a good deal quieter than my dishwasher when everything is on and running.


Well at its highest speed i can hear it up stairs in a bedroom from the garage downstairs on the other side of the house. To be fair that was with the shopvac running. I am guessing you would have to enclose everything with sound deading material. At this point i think my neighbors will complain for longer projects.

The joys of living in the country - where the neighbours are some distance away. :grinning:

That is an awesome enclosure. Do you have video or pics showing more of it?

I’m about to build a new table and enclosure and I’m looking for good designs to use.

I posted most of the non-finished pictures to the old Shapeoko forums here My design is based off of the person who started that thread. They had the best soundproof enclosure I could find for a CNC machine.