Death stranding dog tag project. 6061 aluminum

I was commissioned by someone that’s really into the the new death stranding upcoming game and he wanted the dog tags to be made from the game in aluminum. First started with a 2sided milling setup with the model he designed and then added the text.
One sided was milled with a 1/4 endmill and then the rest with a vbit 90-1/4-1/8. I’ll be powder coating and weathering the effects like in the game and shipping them out soon!


After milling


Those are sharp! I am just starting to mill aluminum with my x-carve. any tips with general feedrate and stepovers you used?

with metal you really need to dial in your own specific setup.
Start slow and shallow and work your way up.

That’s what I did. Have it at a .1 mm doc and have my feeds around 1500mm or higher depending on what it’s doing.

Thanks! The feeds I used were different then stock numbers in easel which are way off. I had my doc for the 3d milling and the pockets/cutouts for .1mm and feeds I would slow down to 750-1500 mm/min and up depending what I had it doing and the sound of the milling also. The engravings I went very slow just so it would make it clean and not be jumping over if it did. Stepovers I use for my engravings and others a rough pass that’s small around 20% and then the final pass I do something almost close to 1%. I’ve upgraded my belts to the white steel braided ones and the x axis motor to a 269 motor and it’s been working a lot better then stock when I got it. I sandblast my aluminum after and then powder coat them if it’s emblems or custom pieces like this.

Sanded down the tabs and getting ready to lightly sandblast and powder coat the dog tags. Going to be a gray closet to the model in the game and then weathering if the customer wants that done.

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After sandblasting and powder coating! Finally done with the death stranding prop design I’ve been working on for a customer. Cnc milled out of 6061 and powder coated to look worn. Shipping out to California on Monday.


How much? I am also wanting to buy one, but the one on Kojimas store is 350+ CAD and that’s too expensive in my opinion.

I’m going to try my hand at those! great result!