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Deciding between xcarve pro or alternatives

hey guys, so i cant decide if the xcarve pro will satisfy my requirements. I create artistic wood inlays and other patterns on 4x8 sheets of plywood or glued together wood for flooring for gyms. I dont need to pump out crazy volume is why i was looking at hobby CNC machines, im trying to decide between a xcarve pro or a camaster x3, im new to cnc machines. I liked that the camaster can cut aluminum sheet metal aswell as i have design ideas for smaller pieces of gym equipment, and is rigid (welded) in its design. Is it possible to upgrade the xcarve pro to accept 4x8 sheets. can i just weld a table together so i dont need to worry about alignment? why is the laser engraver add on void the warranty? ive seen alot of the DIY machines that are cheaper but are their issues with accuracy? accuracy is hugely important to me as theres alot of fine lines and id like really detailed work. appreciate any guidance, i hope the xcarve can suffice for my application but if not id appreciate some information of why or why not