Deck Gates with butterflies and dolphins

I built a deck around my above ground pool and, per regulation, needed gates on the outside stairs. Figured I would put my fancy X-Carve to use and engrave the gates I was going to build.

Designed the patterns in VCarve and exported to the X-Controller using Universal Gcode Sender (USG). The designs are 31 inches wide and just barely fit on the 1000mm bed.

Used treated lumber for the gates which I surface planed to about 1.5 inches. On the one gate with the butterflies, the design is engraved into the wood. On the dolphin gate, the background is recessed and the pattern stands out.

I used a v60 bit to either cut the designs or outline the designs and a .25 inch bit to clear the background area. The fish details were cut using a v10 bit.

Butterfly and Hummingbirds are two sides of the same gate.


The Dolphins and Sailboat are two sides of the same gate.

v60 bit with 6mm adapter for DeWalt - .25 inch for clearing - v10 bit with .125 to .25 inch adapter.


That is very nice…well done.

Very nice - I like the combination of cnc then painting I started doing this recently and it makes for some very nice work. That is some impressive gate action!

That’s some very attractive carving and some nicely made gates. I’m looking out my window at my own pool gate and wondering…