Default/recommended Potentiometer settings on motor shield for NEMA23 motors

Just got my xcarve set up and running last week! (Got the recommended kit-1000mm rails, nema23, acme screw, dwp611, arduino, motor shield. )
1st run, a 1-pass engraving went great.
2nd run, cutting a 10"x 13" shape (w rounded edges, simple notching) on recommended cut rates, was also successful!
At this point, foolishly perhaps, I wasn’t satisfied w the speed. (cutting the 10x13 piece out of 5/8 plywood took 40ish min)

So I tried again at 60ipm feedrate, .08" depth per pass. (12 min estimated cut time). On the last pass, y-axis slipped about .25" short, unsuccessful. I adjusted the potentiometers at this time (default settings before this), and tried a few more times unsuccessfully, also fiddled w accentric nuts.

Now when i run the machine, even slowly on recommended cutting settings, both x and y axis sometimes slips! on the 2nd or 3rd pass!!! No cuts successful out of 6.

Unfortunately I did not mark the default settings on the potentiometers.

Can someone share a image of the motor shield w potentiometers set at default? I’d like to set the potentiometers on my shield back to their default positions…

thanks a lot!

Read through this to set them.

Be sure to look at the video mentioned at the end of the text, most people set their current limits with that method.

Thank you. I will read through this and later update

I adjusted the potientiometers as instructed in manhattan wood project’s video

I also adjusted the pulley on x axis so the belt is not rubbing against it.

Xcarve is currently cutting w/out slipping on default settings, 3 successful pieces so far, hooray!

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