Default X/Y Zero to Center

Is there a way to set the default setting for starting X/Y position for a machine to Center? The default is Front Left Corner, and for my purposes (relating to how I reload material) I need to start at center. However, because this is such a rarely-interacted with option and there’s no confirmation when starting machines, I’ve lost several workpieces due to starting a cut that’s designed for center from the corner.

I know it’s atypical use but, since the option’s there… could you please allow me to toggle the ability to default to Center? (Or if this ability already exists, how do I do it?)

Thank you!

To my knowledge, this is a “per project” setting and the default is “Front Left Corner” for all new projects.

I think the best thing to do would be to leave feedback on the “Features & Tools” tab for this feature.


Brandon R. Parker

There is the ability to assign “Jig Locations” through the G28 command function. such that the user would home the machine, send the G28 command and the cnc would then move into a prior set location, such as your desired Machine Center…