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DelCam ArtCam Software

Hello everyone,I just purchased an x-carve yesterday,I can’t wait to get in cutting. I have software
already that I’d like to use. Has anyone used the ArtCam software before and do you know if it will
work on this machine?

Artcam will work great if you have the correct post processor that will create Gcode for the GRBL controller.

This may be complicated due to Autodesk buying ArtCam and then completely abandoning it. So now ArtCam is unloved and no longer being sold or supported.

Thank you for the quick response! As soon as my machine gets here and assembled,I’ll let you know!

I know…it’s a shame=(

Larry,I need to download these and import into artcam?

Most CAM software has a directory that contains the post processors, and you would download the ones you want to use and place them in that directory.

The next time you start ArtCAM they should be available for you to select the one that you want to use.

Thank you sir,I just moved them into artcam. I’m going to throw something together and send to a friend with an xcarve. Thanks again!

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Must be a good friend, I would never run Gcode that I did not create myself. The chance of damage to the machine is just to high. Especially if you say “Here - try this, I am not sure if it works or not”

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You can always simulate/visualize the gcode before you run it. You’re experienced enough to know what to look for.

There are lots of Gcode/GRBL interactions that are not properly emulated in most simulations. The simulation can look good, but the spindle still get gets pushed into the wasteboard when you first run the job. I am not saying that is what will happen, just that you should not put that much faith into the simulation.

If I had to run somebody else’s Gcode I would do it the first time without a bit in the spindle and as much room as possible between the spindle and stuff it could crash into.

I’m just curious to see if it will recognize the code. I tried a test on another post processor and it wouldn’t even open. Thanks for your concern.

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