Depth cut changes do not take effect

I’ve created a spoilboard file in Aspire and input the depth in Aspire that I’d like to skim the surface, usually around a depth of 0.02. I then open Easel and import the gcode, however no matter what depth I enter in Aspire prior to skimming the surfacing router bit never cuts to the depth inputted. The surfacing bit just barely skims atop of the spoilboard. This is very strange indeed. Has anyone else experienced this? This only happens for this project and no other, everything else works as it should. Thank you.

Can your Z axis actually go down far enough to cut into the spoilboard?


Hi Mark, thank you for replying. I was really scratching my head with this one for quite awhile but I finally just figured it out. The bit’s shaft is oddly short compared to most of my bits and I literally had back off when inserting it into the collet. I guess you’re right, the Z doesn’t go down that far?

You can lower the z on the Y carriage so it can reach your waste board.

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