Depth issue from left to right

I have tried squaring the machine, tramming the machine, planing the spoil board, adjusting the bit I use, building flat work surface for the machine to sit on, clamping down each corner with the blocks, and changing the cut depth but keep running into the same problem.

I am having some pretty severe depth issues as I cut from left to right.

The depth of the cut on the left is 1/8" and you can see it fades until it completely stops.

Is there something I am missing? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The Best,


this might help?
(232) How to Calibrate and Tram your CNC | Project Mehr | Guitar Build Log Part 1 - YouTube

It appears, if your wastboaed has been surfaced using the cnc, that the workpiece is on non-uniform thickness.

You can check and account for this using a shimming technique discussed here:

But also youd want to ensure the z assembly is not moubted too high as that can effect the cnc reaching proper depth.

Theres a brief note in the assembly guide about this issue and the possibility that the z axis assmebly may need to be lowered.

I suggest jogging the z down until your shortest bit (usually a vbit) touches the wasteboard, if the z bottoms out before the bit reaches the wasteboard than the z axis assembly is too high and youd need to loosed yhe 4 screws on the back (that you had installed to attach the z to the gantry) and lower the asembly until the bit touches and retighten them…

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