Depth not adjusting

In easel no matter the depth i select to cut to it does not adjust when i have the 90 degree bit selected. It is not cutting into the material enough to get the look im going for but even if i select to cut deeper it will not change. Any help?


I believe the vbit will only cut to the width of the line you have so setting it deeper does not do any good.


A V bit will only cut as deep as the lines are wide, if you have a 1/16" wide line and use a V bit no matter the depth it will only cut the width of the line. You will have to use a smaller angle bit to go deeper, 60, 45 or 30 degree. You can set your Z a little lower so it cuts deeper but the width of your lines will be wider. Try setting your Z height over the area you’re wanting to V carve.


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