Depth of cut and visibility on screen

I’m working alot with Illustrator to make thin engravings on brass and other materials, where the depth cut doesn’t need to be any more then 0.1-0.2mm. When I import the files and set this in Easel the lines virtually disappear into the white background, due to the way it changes color/opacity, and I have to ctrl-a to select everything to even see where it is, then set the depth much deeper, move around things as I want it and then remember to set it all back. Is there anyway to change this behaviour? Can’t find any kind of settings or personal preferences in the program, unless I’m totally blind or have missed something obvious.

Easel works fine for all I’ve wanted to do so far, but this particular thing drives me crazy, especially when I want to set some lines a little shallower/deeper then others. Have missed something small on more then one occasion which ruined the workpiece and/or bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, that’s one easy way to get around it. I’ve just been setting the material thickness to whatever it is I’m engraving on, but that was a good suggestion. The easiest solutions are often the hardest to find, I guess. Cheers for the tip!

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