Depth of cut issue and/or tabs issue

New user, first post. I have joined our local makerspace primarily to use their x-carve. Today was my first day and I was able to connect my laptop to the machine and execute simple paths. I realize my situation is somewhat unique in that I’m using a shared machine and therefore won’t ever know who else does what to the machine. Maybe if I like it enough, I’ll buy my own.

Anyways. I was trying to use the tabs feature and it wasn’t working. It is possible that the depth setting is off because it was consistently cutting into the waste board even though I was measuring the material with digital calipers. I think I need to first ensure my depth setting is correct before I make an assessment about the tabs feature. Once I got home and searched the forum, I found the instruction to check my firmware settings. Is that the first step?

Any other tips or resources I should consider to address this issue?

My first projects includes cutting out several different shapes so I need to figure out how to use the tabs feature.

When you did the machine setup on your laptop did you select the correct model year from the options?
If one uses the incorrect model year or selects the wrong upgrades, than easel will push the wrong calibration settings to the cnc, changing its calibration for any other users as well.

You can check these settings compaired to these defaults to confirm if they are incorrect, and you can look at the machine, inventables website and the upgrade packages to determine the right options and redo the machine setup selecting the correct options and the calibration settings will be set properly…

Thanks for your response.

I did select the correct machine and its older components: screw drive z axis, 6 mm belts, dewalt 661 spindle. I didn’t see a model year option. I will definitely compare the firm ware settings and correct any that are incorrect. Thanks for link.

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