Depth of cut issue

I’m doing a simple sign which has a raised cross set in a 1/2" pocket, I want to add text to the project within the same pocket. when I set my cut depth at 5/8" as I understand it that should give me a carve depth for the text of 1/8" yet when I run the carve the V bit never even touches the wood. The pocket mics to 1/2" so I assume the issue is not with the drive of the Z axis.
Any suggestions?

Well you will need depth of carve to start at bottom of the pocket.

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Then how will the probe be accurate?
I have a 1" raised border. where do I perform the probe?

You can probe from same spot of project and watch it cut air. Or probe it inside of the pocket but you will need to setup another page.

from 0X,0Y center of text in pocket

See I use another that has a start depth and finish depth. Easel doesn’t have this feature yet.

Ok that seems to be working, i didn’t realize i would be able to probe at 1 spot and set the x, y zero at another. I have a lot of learning to do. thank you so much for your help. now can you tell me how you posted the photos?

Sure, I just drag and drop in place

I assume you must first take a screen shot right?

ctrl+shift+s = screen shot

Here is the project, as you can see I did the text as a separate project and I used a 60 degree V bit for the detail carve, however the fine lines in the text did not get carved. the trouble shooting indicates that if I use a V bit all of the smaller areas will be cut as well. can you shed some light on this issue?

Great! Glad everything worked out.

Still have no idea why the smaller areas of the text weren’t carved.

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