Depth of cut vs depth per pass

hey all, I’ve set the cut depth of my project to 0.04 inch using a 90 degree V bit. However, the depth per pass of the V bit itself is automatically set to 0.06 inch per pass. What will override the other. Does depth per pass win or does depth of cut win. I can’t seem to find the right balance in my cuts for some of the more detailed designs.

it will only cut as deep as the project is set to cut.

stars I use a 90 bit
depth per pass .125
depth of stars in project .25

it will cut this in two passes

hope this helps

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What if you had it cut .120 and your depth per pass was still .125.

If your project depth is .120", you could set your depth of cut (depth per pass) at 10ft and it won’t go past 0.120". It will cut in one pass, though.


Sounds like I need to look at some things and play a little. I will have to check the settings and maybe tweek them.

That sounds like that may be part of the issue. I will check and do some more reading and Youtube.