Depth of Cuts Figured Out

After searching everything I could get my hands on to try and figure out why my Xcarve 1000m was not cutting the same depth across the project I have finally figured it out. Before I get into what I did I want to say I tried all the fixes in this forum. I did not want to plane the waste board because I figured there was a different problem going on. So I removed all the waste boards and exposed the base. I used a level to determine the rise and fall for each side of the machine to bring to level I loosened each 45 degree corner brace. I then used shims to level the base and tightened each 45 degree brace. My machine now is level to the Z axis and cuts without depth issues.


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With the waste board you should be more concerned with being parallel vs. level
here’s an image that @SethCNC uses to explain. I believe he also a video on how to fix this issue.


Generally speaking, Shims will get you closer, but to get the entire plane of the wasteboard parallel to the plane of the spindle movement you’re really going to want to surface the wasteboard. This step was actually added into all of the Xcarve assembly manuals as the last part of the calibration and maintenance portion.

The Xcarve Pro actually includes a larger surfacing bit for this process and guides the user through it as part of the initial easel setup.

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Thank you all for the input. I still had difficulties after my small but short lived breakthrough I will be applying your advice. I am still baffled though as to how the bit on the left side measures .147 lower than the right hand side of the machine but the measurements from the waste board to the wide maker bar is the same?