Depth per pass when Finishing?

In the cut settings, it doesn’t appear to be possible to set depth per pass for finishing passes - and in at least one case (cutting narrow holes when set to model boundary relief) , this can lead to finishing passes cutting much deeper than the depth per pass I need (I’ll be cutting aluminum on a Sainsmart 3018 PROver - heavily upgraded, but still).

Am I missing some option?

Id suggest increasing or decreasing the padding amount such that the finishing bit doesn’t plunge into an area that the roughing bit hasn’t already carved.

Btw the scenario youre experiencing also exists in vcarve/aspire and carveco and Fusion360… stepdown amounts do not apply to finishing bits.

For anyone else trying to resolve this issue, it’s possible to “Hack” the thickness of the finishing pass by generating toolpaths like this:

  1. Set the bit size for finishing much smaller than you actually intend to use.

  2. Generate the toolpaths; this will give you a roughing pass that’s much closer to the end result (because it’s compensating for your tiny finishing bit), leaving less extra material to carve.

  3. Save the roughing pass, but not the finishing one.

  4. Now, reset the bit for the finishing pass to what you’ll actually be using.

  5. Generate toolpaths again and save that finishing pass.

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