Depth wrong after Zprob

Good morning,

I can’t understand my problem.

After having indicated the thickness of my board, the bit model, having programmed the passage depth (in this case 0.5 mm), having carried out the ZPROB. when I start the machine…the passage depth is much deeper than programmed and I have to urgently stop the machine to avoid breakage


I would check your settings and also check the thickness of your probe puck.

Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Z-Probe Setup Tutorial | SainSmart (

did you setup the probe thickness within Easel?

Go to machine>Edit Machine and you will find a button at the lower left to setup your Z probe thickness.

BUT ALSO you might want to double check that all of the Axises are jogging the intended distances… like this> (it’s the same process with your ProVER as shown here, make sure to ALSO check Z axis in the same manner as X,Y)