Descending carve

I’m doing a vanity unit top. just a wood and resin rectangle with the basin top gradually being carved right to left from 5 mm to 30 mm the carving is to accommodate the water and at the bottom is the drain. I am trying to draw this in easel or anything - how would you guys do it?
I asked my cnc forum the said this “Fusion 360 but how are you proposing to machine it? I’m a total amateur here but would you not need to build the desired profile and prop the stock so the cut plane is horizontal? Fusion would allow you to rough the majority of the stock and then change tool for the final cut.”
Any advice would be great

using the super gradient generator would provide the best result within Easel. However it will produce a stepped gradient that you’ll need to sand down in order to get a smooth transition across the 5mm-30mm change…

Fusion360’s better CAM tools would provide for a smooth transition using a 3d toolpath rather than the stepped transition that Easel will create… However it is a software with a much greater learning curve,… soo for many Fusion360 is simply out of reach due to the learning needed.

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If you don’t want to use Fusion, I’d mount the stock at an angle and just cut a flat pocket.


Either Easel is gonna program for curves in the Z axis or I’m gonna have to learn G-code.

holding the stock at an angle will require a pretty good clamping setup. will the gantry pass over it? hmm? I guess I cut a thick piece of wood at the right angle

I make wood and resin furniture and sand to 4000 grit so sanding isnt an issue and this is a preferred option i think

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