Design help, stuck

So I need some help here. I am stuck. I am wanting the flower design to be a raised cut just like letters would be.

How in the world would I go about getting this to happen? I am hitting my head on the wall trying to figure it out. I am sure it’s super simple but can’t for the life of me figure it out…haha…

You would need to put the flower in then set to 0 depth of cut and cutout around it.

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You need to invert the model, as it appears your design is transparent, but the block piece is not, so any height changes effect the outsides of it.

Another solution:

Add a solid white block, set the depth to 0 (no cut), and put it underneath your current block, and set that current block to the desired depth.

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You’d want to invert the flower first,

you can use the offsetter app at 0.00 amount and uncheck keep original, and the ok… the delete the original, delete the outer square.
Set the petals to 0 depth and Pocket cut type.

If you need help further, you can share the project and I’ll show with your exact project…

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That would be great. I’ll see if I can figure it out tomorrow going off the instructions you all gave. If I can’t I’ll share the project with you.

You may find other issues with the project if I do that you may be able to share with me. I am really new to this.

This is the first project I am designing on my own so I am sure there are issues…

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So I figured out the invert. But in doing so it removes the square in the corner. I would like to keep the square and add the flower on top. Is there a way to do this??

So a raised flower on top of that box. See pic with the raised flower and in that pic and the ones posted above you’ll see the squares that I am talking about.

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I think you’d need to add a square and then adjust the layers (Move backwards and move forwards) until the 0 depth flower is on top of the mid-depth square :man_shrugging:

Cool, I’ll try that

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So, if you want the square depth to match your border depth, and you want it to be in a solid cut (aka: no gluing pieces afterwards),

Add your square, match your border depths, but drop the depths a bit, so the 0 cut is your flower, but the border/square backer is below that.


Awwww yes! I think know what you mean.

So drop the border and square depth a bit more and keep the flower at 0, that’s how I am hearing it. That correct?

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So, the square/border would be at like, 0.1" cut, the flower would be at 0 cut.

Now, with that said, looking at your picture, your frame is just nothing, so you’d need to drag out some squares to fill in the transparency of your design.


Sorry for my delay in responding…

The ks for the help I knew I was overthinking it… I’ll give this a try tomorrow and report back…


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