Designing my own handheld console

Read all about it here:


Nice project. I just bought a couple of pi3s to do the same kind of thing for a handheld, that you can plug in to a TV as well.

I don’t know when I’ll get round to it, but I guess it’s a good thing having more work than time

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It is meant to have a piece at the top that you can take off, and insert a HDMI cable.
But maybe not in this version, we’ll see how it goes.

The thing is, I modified the config.txt for uso on this 800x480 px screen, so when I connect to a 1080p flatscreen, the image isn’t all that great…
If I could somehow get it to switch between config files depending on how it’s connected…

I had a switch to turn off what would be the on board screen, and then when booting with hdmi connected it changed to the tv’s resolution.

It depends on your screen telling the pi what it’s resolution is (some don’t obviously), but mine just auto detects. Not 100% sure how as I had a friend program them as I haven’t got time to learn pi programming at the momenr

Very nice ! I have retropie and was always planning to try to do what you got going on but whole plan collapsed once I picked nintendo switch lol



I’d love to see the wood parts done up with a watered down black dye to really make it a rich dark look and go over it with a clear coat.

that’s really cool, I like it.


Another big one:

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I can finally consider this one DONE.

But I know there’s already a lot of room for improvement… :grin: