Desk for X-Carve 1000mm

This might be a stupid question but I have a very sturdy and heavy desk but it is only 36" long where the X-carve is 1000mm is 39.37." I will have 3" overhang if I use this desk in one direction. Is that going to be a problem?

Over time the frame could bow and you definitely could have a problem. Use the desk as a base and add a new larger top that would fully support the X Carve

For two years I ran my 750x1000mm machine on my table that was originally built for a 500x1000mm machine. Each side overhung by a few inches. I say run what you’ve got unless you are itching to build something bigger.

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Assuming the desk top is flat and you don’t damaging it I would just cut a 3/4" piece of plywood the necessary size to support the X-carve and screw it to the desk top.

It is highly recommended to use a Torsion Box under the X-Carve for best results. Simply build a Torsion Box the correct size and put it between the X-Carve and your desk, and then you will be fine. For more information regarding Torsion Boxes do a search on this forum and/or see this video;

Yes, thanks. I bought my Xcarve yesterday used and had the seller throw in one of these, plan on putting it on top of my desk.