Detail pane static?

I don’t understand why the detail pane is static, am I missing something and I can more specifically zoom in? It’s obnoxious when I want to zoom in but my object is in the corner and I can’t see it because it’s as if the center of the grid is the only axis it rotates on. I know this can’t be the case, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change it.

To clarify, I have a 32" wide object, but only designing in the first 5" to start, my center point in the detail pain seems to be at 16" when I try to rotate it, and thus makes it hard to focus on where my details are. I do this so I don’t have to habitually modify the dimensions of the piece I’m working on as I build it out, but eventually even if I did do that, I would run in to the same problem as I move down the piece.

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Just a thought but did you right click and hold the button down you can move it that way.


If yours isn’t working, that’s got to be an issue with either the operator or the browser…

Is this a brand new issue ? (ruling out the operator as the issue)

Have you closed and reopened the browser and if that didn’t fix, restarted the pc?

@SethCNC I genuinely believe you’re trying to be helpful and your YouTube videos are great, but you don’t have to respond to everything if you have nothing to contribute, I say that, because I’ve seen this exact response from you multiple times across multiple threads. It’s not helpful, there is no contest for most posts or replies.

If you don’t want me to reply to your posts anymore, just say that and I’ll just set it so that I don’t see your posts anymore. Totally your call.
There’s a specific reason that I asked whether it is a new issue… because it is possible that the user is not using the correct key strokes to control the 3d viewer… BUT you chose not to answer that question, So I’ll move forward assuming that it is not a new issue and that you do not know how to to control that panel…

Are you right clicking and dragging it into position? See Here:

@SethCNC there is a difference between “choosing not to answer” and not living on the forum to respond instantaneously to every thread like some people do. Don’t re-write history when there are timestamps. You know exactly what I’m talking about, hence why you didn’t address your boiler plate response I’ve seen on multiple threads, you either have a script that responds or a response in a notepad file to cut and paste, because you write it verbatim. I’ve been mislead by your advice more then once, please consider quality over quantity is all I’m saying.

Say no more, I have resolved your personal issue with me. Future messages from your account will not receive a response from me :+1:

If your issue of the simulation pane still persists and was not resolved using the correct controls, then you may wish to indicate that it remains unresolved so that someone else, who does meet your approval criteria, can provide you with additional assistance.

Best of luck to you sir.

This helped me. Thank You for the detailed explanation

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