Detail Pass not starting on larger STL file

Good Afternoon - I have started to carve an STL flag file on my xcarve pro and have had no issues through the roughing passes. The flag itself it 30 inches wide by 20 inches tall for reference. When I attempt to start the detail pass, I work my way through the prompts to ‘carve.’ The machine just hovers in place but never starts the carve. The anticipated length of the detail carve is 16 hours so I know it’s a larger file but will it eventually start to carve? Im just concerned that it won’t start. I’ve left it for about 10 minutes but it has not started in that length of time. I have tried to unplug it from the laptop and plug it back in already but it didn’t seem to help. Any suggestion or guidance is appreciated.

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Hi Sean
This is often a RAM issue (I’ve had it myself).

Have a look at your Task Manager when you press “start Carve”. see what’s happening with RAM usage on your PC. If it’s maxing out the RAM it won’t carve. (and I suspect given the size of the job this may be the issue). The more complex the toolpath, the more RAM is being used to generate it. This may be why it’s happening on finishing and not roughing.

You may want to play with decreasing your toolpaths on finishing - by either:

  1. Increasing your finishing bit size
  2. Increasing depth per cut
  3. increasing stepover

While not ideal, all of these will reduce the toolpath generation. You may want to try to start an air cut with these modified settings… at least this will answer the question for you as well.

Also take a look here:

Ultimately, on jobs this size I had to abandon Easel and go and learn Fusion 360…

Hope this helps.

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