Detailed plans for Makita clamps

Good day all. I am looking for a detailed plan to make brackets for my Maketa router to fit my X-Carve. I cannot find any brackets in South Africa. I would also like a plan for clamp-downs…hope someone can help me

which model of Makita router?

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For my Makita RT0700 router, I’m using a pair of these mounts together with a Shapeko spindle mount plate.

I could make some measurements tomorrow (or rather later today) if you like.

please…that would be very kind of you thank you

Makita RT 0700C

You can use the DeWalt 611 mount, with a shim to make the Makita fit.

The shim that I use is a cylinder with a wall thickness of about 1.4 mm

There are a number listed here: — as @GeoffSteer noted, any 65mm mount will do.

I wrote up a fairly detailed treatment of the design process for a mount (for the Makita, but the concepts apply to anything similar) at:

LarryM is right. There is a shim for the Makita. I’ve attached the files, and for me it cost about $20 to have it printed up via 3D Hubs. The guy that printed it for me was local so I didn’t have to pay any shipping and it was done in 3 days. Fits great and there is no play at all with the router in the Dewalt 611 bracket. I didn’t create these files, I found them in this forum somewhere, and I am re-attaching.

XCarve - LowerRing.stl (181.7 KB)
XCarve - UpperRing.stl (22.7 KB)XCarve - UpperRing.stl (22.7 KB)
XCarve - LowerRing.stl (181.7 KB)

Carbide 3D sells an aluminum adapter for $15.

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It’s proving a bit difficult to get accurate measurements without removing the mount which I don’t want to do as I’ve got everything dialled in. Let me know if more detail is required. The only critical dimension I can see is the spacing of the router centre from the Z-Axis mounting plate. Any closer than the 45mm shown and the router will be too close to the Z-Axis motor mount. All holes are for 5mm bolts.
EDIT: Dimension marked as 62mm should be 61mm, there needs to be a gap between the two pieces.

Here’s a Sketchup file. makita_mnt.skp (564.1 KB)l.

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Thank you Geoff.This is very helpful

That adapter is pretty cool! I currently have a plastic shim in mine. I was going to buy this shim, but then shipping was $20! Oh well, I’ll just keep using what I got.