Detailed v-carve preview perfect in easel, carve not so much

Hi all,

I’m still a noob at this but came up with a process that seemed to work but the detail wasn’t quite right.

I know I’m doing something (or multiple things) wrong but I’m not sure where it is. I’ve used the easel generated gcode in a couple senders with the same results. This is the process I used to get where I am and the gcode is attached.

I’d appreciate some advice to clean up my mess.

Sorry about the rotation but the major bad parts are:

  • Dots outside the perimeter of the logo (top of image/logo left)
  • Outer circle has vertical lines on left and right instead of continuing the curve
  • Legs of the “M” are screwy and there’s a notch out of the top-right “V” of the “M”
  • “N” legs are straight
  • Overall not a very clean job.

Mini Cooper (379.2 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Skim your wasteboard (add a second layer of wood if you want to preserve the Xcarve wb)
Tram your router to ensure it is truly perpendicular to the X/Y plane
Overall tightening of your machine, it has slop :slight_smile:

Remember that the software assumes the machine is perfectly calibrated, so sometimes, what you see is not what you get.

Thanks for the help. Initially the idea of tuning the machine didn’t quite make sense since plenty of the lines look perfect. Then I thought about it a bit more and noticed that the problems really show up a lot when the movements are small and not large/sweeping which does imply it’s got some slop.

I’ll do some tuning and see if I can improve my accuracy. Not sure what type of adjustments my system has. It’s a Fireball V90 I picked up at auction that I run with an Arduino. Time for some more learn’n

Thanks again

Ha. I was looking closer at the incorrect paths and notice that they seem to be mostly related to the X axis. I was going to look into tuning or see what’s up this weekend but had to move the CNC for another project to get it out of the way. What I found was 6-8 nuts and flat washers that had worked their way out and fell off the machine while in use. I think I have my culprit.

Time to take it apart and make sure everything is correct.

Thanks again.