Detecting X-Carve in Easel - Always Must Reboot

Dealing with an issue where every time I want to carve a project through Easel, I have to reboot my computer to get it to detect the X-Carve. Once I reboot it detects and works fine.

Seems to be consistent across browser. Arduino COM connection always shows in device manager. Possible port conflict of sorts? Wouldn’t think so, but possible.

Just seeing if anyone had any tricks for this (or if it’s just me).


Have you tried downloading the latest version of Easel Local (2.7)?

I downloaded and installed it yesterday evening and today, for the first time ever, my X-Carve connected just fine after my laptop went to sleep. This was never possible before (had to reboot) with my previous version (2.3-p7).


I’ll give it a shot.

I was having the same problem with my Mac, but now it will not detect at all. Have you figured out the issue?

Uninstalling and doing a clean install of the latest Easel local fixed the issue for me then. I upgraded to an X-Controller a little while back and it has been rock solid for me.