Deutschsprachige Hier?

Hallo habe ein Problem mit meiner Z Achse während dem Fräsvorgang ändert sich die Höhe oder Tiefe der Z Achse es ist unmöglich eine Saubere Oberfläche herzustellen

“Hello, I have a problem with my Z axis. During the milling process, the height or depth of the Z axis changes and it is impossible to produce a clean surface”

Sometimes Z trouble is caused by the bit slipping in the collet. Make sure that your collet is tight and the right size for your bit’s shank. Make sure your workpiece is correctly fixtured and is not lifting off of the bed during milling. Finally, if you have homing switches, you might be able to tell if your Z is losing steps. This might happen during peck drilling or plunging if your speeds are set too high.

What machine are you working with? Do you have an X-Carve, X-Carve Pro, or a 3rd party machine?

What material are you machining?

What are your feeds/speeds?

What type and size bit are you using?


Brandon R. Parker