Dewalt 26200 (611) collet spec

Hi, everyone!

I have an X-Carve with the Dewalt router.
Now I need to drill many small diameter holes (like 1.5-2 mm), so it is better (and cheaper) to use drills for drilling. I have a 1/8 and 1/4 collet from Inventable, but i’m checking the other collet possibility.

I found the many colets with exact sizes for the drills.But I need also the right collet nut.
Has anyone tried to use the collet nuts like
ER11A (M14x0.75)
ER11M (M13x0.75)
or others with the Dewalt?

I found the topics about ER11 (it is not working with Dewalt), but what about others?

Have a look here.

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On my machine it would be very easy to mount a holder for a Fordom handpiece with a jacobs chuck so you could use any size drill bit, I have used the Fordom handpiece to drill holes of 30 thou.

ER Series Collets are NOT compatible with a trim router (Other than the OpenBuilds RoutER which is a makita clone with a custom ER series collet affixed.)

Elaire Collets sells the most variety of collets for theDW611 router. However I would suggest using an undersized endmill and to carve pockets to achieve the desired hole size and NOT using traditional drill bits in a router due to the RPM variation the drill bits will not spin at the proper rate and the chip extraction is different on a drill bit than an endmill so drill bits are just not appropriate for use with a CNC router.

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