Dewalt 611 blew in a month

Has anyone else had this happen so soon? I sent an email to inventables but no clue if they will do anything. I doubt it. But about 10 minutes ago the router started clicking then shut off before I could even walk to it to shut it down myself. I carve as correctly as I can with material thickness and measuring and such I also use the z probe to help ensure accuracy. I’ve carved about 8 acrylic signs only going to a depth of 1/32 and have done 3 cedar signs. This is very frustrating

first hing to check is the brushes. If you search for replace dwp611 brushes you should get plenty of hits both here and on youtube that will show you how to check them and replace if necessary. If that doesn’t happen to be the issue contacting DeWalt directly is your best and fastest option.


I think some were also finding a brush spring out of place.
I think Dewalt would be your contact for warranty.

@Nox_Ferocia. Here is a video on changing brushes

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Thanks guys I appreciate it

Thanks for all the help. They emailed me back. And said normally this is a dewalt issue. But since it has been only a month, they are shipping me a new router. So far this company has been fantastic with customer service. However after your comments and looking up some videos, I will be stocking up on brushes as well. Hopefully this helps someone else and happy cutting y’all


Hey Stephen, for future reference in the event you or anyone else has issues please see my comment below:

My DeWalt 611 had issues as well right around the 6 month mark. I went online and found the nearest DeWalt Service Center. I then called DeWalt at 1-800-433-9258. Ensure you have all of the router info handy. They emailed me a UPS shipping label to the Service Center and I mailed it at no cost to me. Less than two weeks later, I received another brand new router in the mail. No hassle what so ever. DeWalts customer service was just as amazing as is Inventables customer service.

I have had to swap out a couple of my routers and I have never had an issue with DeWalt standing behind their warranty. As I continue to build my toolbox inventory, it will definitely be filled with DeWalt tools.