Dewalt 611 dead!

So again I’m uploading because my spindle died. I see there is an issue invents les addressed with this. So so I’m uploading for them.

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The single most common cause of router failure is worn brushes. Have you opened it up and examined the brushes?

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It was the brushes brother I Jerry rigged it to work to finish this job

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just changed a set mid job just a few hours ago

I’m back in business!!! I’m stationed in South Korea and this is my money maker. South Koreans will get you anything you need asap

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Well I have been running at 6 the whole time that could be the problem

Jeez I use a cobalt and I haven’t had any issues as of yet

V bit works best with 3.5, box cutter rounds 3, 1/4" spirals 2 to 3,
I use speed 1 for only plexi cutting. (All depends on material)

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I have never had a problem? Weird but I guarantee that what are up my brushes so quick

But you were right I brought it down to 2 and no difference on cutting. Cutting just fine! Thank man sorry for the noob comments got to start some where

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Brushes which are designed correctly in hardness for a copper commutator will last a very long time. The problem with them wearing out fast is very likely due to the fact that the dust created when milling acts as an abrasive which greatly increases the wear rate. If you blow out your router you will see just how much dust gets in there from milling with a cnc machine.

we need to found brushless router !

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[quote=“RaphaelPascual, post:17, topic:26948, full:true”]
we need to find brushless router[/quote]
I think spindles are brushless?
They also have a lower RPM range.
The down side is the ones in the same price range as routers tend to have lower horsepower.

One of my planed upgrades is a water cooled spindle motor, but they are expensive so it will be a while.

I didn’t realize the bushes had such a limited lifespan.

Did a quick search on Amazon and found nothing for Prime. Only seller I could find has brushes priced at $11.29 + $10.89 shipping ($22.18 total).

Is this reasonable? Where would you recommend getting replacement brushes for the DeWalt 611 Router?

I’m starting to cut marble and need speeds higher than the 1-2 limit recommended here so, looking to get a few, just in case. :wink:


Mine just died as well. Received in February and it has very low hours.

I came back to the job in progress and the router wasn’t spinning and was located in a strange location. I guess when it stopped it confused the steppers.

Fortunately, as far as I know now, the XCarve itself is ok.

I feel somewhat tethered to the machine. I’m afraid to leave it alone when it’s running.

You absolutely should not allow the machine to run unattended.

An endmill could work loose, a belt could break, dust collection hose could come loose, a fire could start…

Please see — rather appalled that there isn’t a relevant search result for “x-carve operating checklist”

Thanks for that link.

New brushes on the way. Usually run at 1 for acrylic and 3 for plywood.

Must resist the urge to go buy a backup router at Lowes. 2 in stock, have a 10% coupon,
need paint, need dowels, need lumber, Best buy is next door …


Posting to share my experience similar to others, and to see what other compact routers are available that would fit the DeWalt mount for the X-Carve.
I’ve purchased two DeWalt 611 Compact Routers through Amazon over the last 4 years as my X-Carve didn’t originally ship with one. My first DeWalt Router lasted over 3 years and then the brushes went (not covered under warranty). I was able to get it repaired at the local DeWalt dealer for $35. I then purchased a second DeWalt 611 and it lasted 6 months with the same issue happening where the LEDs come on and the spindle doesn’t spin. I have contacted DeWalt service and they are replacing or repairing this one (sending it out tomorrow).
My question is maybe it’s time to switch brands if other will fit? Or, is someone using the dust collection system and is that helping the life of the brushes?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: DeWalt has sent me a replacement router. That’s amazing and I’m back in business. I have taken some notes from other members and have begun routing all my materials at no higher speed than 2 on the router and things have been just fine. I would typically run at 4.5. Thanks for the tip!

You can use the Makita RT0701C. The diameter is 65mm so its a smidge smaller than the Dewalt but is easily shimmed though.

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