DeWalt 611 Easel Not detecting router is on

Finished assembeling x-carve and went to do test cut and easel is not detecting DW611 router is ON but router is not conected to x-controller ???

If the router is not connected to the x-controller then how could it detect that it is on or off? you kinda answered your own statements. if you want to control the router then you need to wire the router in the system so that the system will have control over it. There are a lot of different methods to achieve this which you can read about if you use the search function.

I do not want to connect it, how can I continue to carve without connecting it ?
When I orderded my 1000mm x-carve it did not come with anything to connect it

then when you set-up your machine choose the option of manual control of your router. then when you want to carve it will let you know when you should turn on the router (manually with the switch). you should also make sure that you have nothing in the way or still connected onto the router when you start it. after hitting the green carve button it will have prompts that help ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to be ready. take your time (never get in a hurry) and read all the prompts as they show and make sure that the prompts are followed.

Correct when I set up my machine I set the spindle to the Dewalt and put it on manual. Here is what I see when I go to carve

It does not let me click the carve button, it’s greyed out and there is no step that says to manually start the spindle as I seen on some videos that will then turn the carve button green

Thanks for the replies guys, I just got it working. I was using Safari as my browser for Easel and it didn’t give me the option with the button for manually starting spindle at the final step before carving. I tried it again using Google Chrome instead and it worked without any issues.

Thank you for this! I wonder if it’s a Java issue, or?