Dewalt 611 - Excessive Sparking on New Brushes - Video included

I’m on my 6th or 7th set of brushes. Today it started a loud popping sound. I turned it off and it wouldn’t turn back on. That’s normal “needs new brushes”. Opened it and they weren’t quite as short as other times I replaced it, maybe 1/8" longer than the previous times.

I went ahead and replaced them. Now after about 20-30 seconds of use its starting to spark this bad. I know sparking is normal with new brushes but this seems excessive compared to the previous times replacing them. Thoughts? Am I just being paranoid? I have two orders to get out the door today and tomorrow :frowning:

For those that see this in the future, the answer seems to be yes that I was just being paranoid. It normalized after another few starts and stops.

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You might find value in a true spindle setup, no more brushes to change out, and if you go with water cooled they are VERY quiet!

a 1.5kw (twice the power of that Dewalt) with the watercooling pump and a full barrage of collets can be had for $370 from amazon. You’d need the 65mm spindle mount (or an adapter sleeve to reduce the 69mm to 65mm) but it would make this maintenance process of dealing with brushes totally obsolete.

Thanks. Year end bonus for my 9-5 hit and I’ve been debating between CNC upgrades or a low tier laser. I have some projects coming up that I’d mix the two. My X-Carve is pre Nov 2021… by about 3 months :(.

I’m guessing this is the bundle you’re referring to?


Put a sock over the top of the router…your brushes will last much longer.