Dewalt 611 failure

So my dewalt 611 started sparking and just quit. It will not power on. The light comes on, but thats all. I read previous posts and contacted dewalt. There is not a service center within 100 miles from me. Dewalt wants to email me a label and send my router in for repair. They said once they get it, it will take 10-14 business days to repair. Then they will ship it back. This is only 2-3 months old and only used for last 1 month. Inventables, can you please help as I have numerous orders and can’t be shut down before the holidays…

Welcome to the forum Jason,
If it sparked just before quitting then you probably need new brushes

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So get replacement brushes for the dewalt dwp611 correct?


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Does inventables sell these. I cant seem to get them until 16th

I don’t think Inventables sell them

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Amazon will have them, get spares.
And its always nice to have a spare router on hand if time/customers are lining up, any breakdown will always be at the worst timing :wink:

At speed 1 most seem to get 150-200hrs of runtime, at higher RPM this number drop a fair bit.

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Thanks all. I ordered spares from Amazon and went and bought another 611. Gonna have that spare just in case. But I am back up and running. Lost only 5 hours of production.