Dewalt 611 Feed, Speed, and RPM

What Feed, Speed, and D/P would you recommend for a 2 Flute 1/8" Flat or ball Upcut bit on a Dewalt 611. I got some from a friend of mine and he said when he was working with it on the saw, it cut like nothing was there.

Start with the Dewalt on speed 1, doc of .06 and feed rate of 50 ipm

After some testing, we ended up settling with DeWalt setting of ~3, 70 IPM, and a D/P of .075. With how smooth it was, we could probably go deeper/faster FR/slower RPM, but we wanted to get the sign done before some family left.

The Dewalt really never needs to be set above 1. It will definitely wear the brushes out a lot faster set higher and the lowest speed is still really faster than recommended for most milling.