Dewalt 611 Insta-Death (after being idle for ages)


We moved a couple of years ago and I’ve not had a chance to really get my new workshop going, so my X-Carve has been sitting for the entire time and making me feel guilty. Today I had some time to get the new space closer to functional and, along the way, decided to plug in the router to check the circuit that will eventually power the X-Carve system. I plugged the DeWalt in, flipped the power switch, saw a spark through the vents on the top, heard a pop and that was the end. I took it off the mount, plugged it into another outlet and it seems dead as a doornail. I’m not aware of any fuses/resets on the unit.

It’s been sitting idle a couple of years, as indicated. Would a brush issue manifest like this after lack of use, or did something just short out in my 611?

give the collet a quarter turn or a half and turn it on, if it runs change the brushes. possible moisture build up.

I’ll give that a whirl!

Had a chance to check yesterday and loosening the chuck and moving things didn’t help. No signs of life at all.

The light also fails to come on, but I don’t know if that might also be the case if the brushes are an issue? Would seem unrelated and perhaps a sign of a more systemic death alongside the spark/pop when I turned it on the other day…

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