Dewalt 611 installation questions

Its hooked up to the S+/S- that powers the 24v spindle. The relay gets activated (the light comes on and I can power a lamp) but I think perhaps its not enough for the dewalt? Or somehow its pulsing and not getting a consistent voltage at the dewalt?

When I send the M3 command to turn mine on, I also have to send a S12500 (spindle speed…the speed is ignored, but is required to trip the relay)

Are you using Easel? set your spindle speed to 12500…if using UGS or Chilipeppr have the S12500 in your gcode

@JustinEastman Stupid question, but did you flip on the switch on the 611? That damn switch cost me a whole weekend of rewiring…

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Yes it is in the on position.
@ErikJenkins I need to put a meter on the output but pretty sure I am getting 24v out of the S+/S- . I think it must be the wiring for the relay or the relay is bad.

Check out this thread… Wiring a solid state relay

Looks like the picture I tried to upload did not go up… a picture of my relay wiring. Its not like its that complicated…Uploading relay wiring.jpg…

Try again with the picture…let it finish uploading before you hit reply.

Where are the other end of the red and black wire connected? is it like the second post in the link I put above?

I connected them to the S+/S- . Same place power comes from for the 24v spindle. I actually reconnected the spindle to those wires and it came on fine…

So you are good now?

No I never got it to work. I am not sure what the problem is. I just ordered the other solutions that I saw on here…

That is the one I am using, works great.

You have the socket wired wrong. May have blown the relay with a direct short.


@JohnChamplain How should the socket be wired? I was under the impression that a relay either works or does not work. I my case, the relay will turn on a lamp but when I hook up the router (dw611) it gets some power but just ends up with the LEDs in it flickering and not coming on.

With the dewalt plugged into the normally off plug, I send
M3 S12500 to turn it on
M5 to turn it off

Sorry, I did not see the picture clearly when I first posted, but it appears you have the socket wired with the hot side (copper screws) reversed with the relay wired into the neutral (silver screws) side of the socket. This might prevent the Dewalt from running, but still allow a lamp to light. I am not sure.

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Here is where I describe how mine is connected:

I thought the same thing. I swapped both terminals on the AC plug. That did not do the trick either.